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As Pathaan completes 50 days of its release breaking Krrish record made 17 years ago

The Republic Day eve release of Pathaan seemed to be making history now. The film that has remained the most highly anticipated Bollywood film in Btown with Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role has been a major success at the box office. The movie has already crossed 1000 crores at the worldwide box office and its been 50 days since its release. So far we have Krissh starring Hrithik that stood for more than 50 years in the theaters. It was released around 17 years ago. To celebrate this milestone, the Roopbani Cinema in Purnea, Bihar, has announced that it will be selling tickets to the film for just Rs. 50, a movie that has been met with great enthusiasm by moviegoers in the area.

According to the cinema’s owner, the decision to sell tickets at such a low price was motivated by a desire to make the film more accessible to the local community, many of whom may not have been able to afford the higher ticket prices typically charged for major Bollywood releases. The move has been praised by fans and industry insiders alike, with many noting the importance of making films more accessible to a wider audience.

For the Roopbani Cinema, the success of Pathaan has been a much-needed boost, with the theater struggling to stay afloat in the face of rising costs and stiff competition from newer, more modern cinemas. The last film to run for 50 days in the theater was Krrish, which had been released 17 years ago, highlighting the difficult conditions that many smaller cinemas face in today’s highly competitive market.

Despite these challenges, the Roopbani Cinema has remained a beloved institution in the local community, with many residents fondly remembering the theater as a key part of their childhoods and a place where they could escape the pressures of daily life and lose themselves in the magic of cinema.

The decision to sell tickets for Pathaan at just Rs. 50 has been seen as a way to rekindle that sense of community and connection, while also providing a much-needed boost to the theater’s finances, which was affected due to Covid. The move has been met with great enthusiasm by local residents, many of whom have flocked to the theater to catch the latest Bollywood blockbuster.

For Shah Rukh Khan, the success of Pathaan and the enthusiasm of its fans have been a source of great pride and joy. The actor, who has long been regarded as one of Bollywood’s most popular and talented stars, has always had a close relationship with his fans, and has frequently spoken about the importance of making films that connect with audiences on a personal level. As the film continues to break records and capture hearts around the world, it is clear that the magic of the movies is alive and well, and that the future of Indian cinema is brighter than ever.

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