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Dunki vs Salaar Scorecard: Shah Rukh Khan’s Film Leads by 126%, Highest Priced Ticket at Rs 2500 on Day 1 – Decoding the Box Office Battle

Bollywood titans clash! SRK’s social drama Dunki burns bright in India, while Prabhas’s action Salaar dominates overseas. Who wins the ultimate box office crown? Though not a clear victor everywhere, Prabhas holds his ground. His “Baahubali” halo shines in the Hindi belt, drawing fans eager to see the Pan-India superstar in action, solidifying his status as a true crossover phenomenon.

As the Dunki vs. Salaar frenzy grips the nation, let’s dissect their performances across various fronts. Dive into this comprehensive scorecard to see who’s ahead of the curve and who needs to shift gears.

Moviegoers, brace yourselves for an epic cinematic showdown! Dunki and Salaar, two highly anticipated films, are locked in a box office duel, and the fight is fierce across every front. Let’s dissect their strategies and see who takes the lead in price, show count, and audience anticipation.

Ticket Prices: Parity with a Pinch of Spice

Both films aim high, with top tickets in Mumbai soaring to Rs 2500. Delhi and Bengaluru follow suit, offering premium seats between Rs 1600-2000. However, Dunki dips significantly at the lower end, reaching as low as Rs 63 in Chennai, while Salaar starts at Rs 120 in Tamil Nadu. It seems audiences have more affordable options with the Baahubali hero.

Showdown of Screens: Dunki Pulls Ahead (For Now)

Shah Rukh Khan’s social drama flexes its muscle with nearly 9500 shows on day one, a staggering 126% more than Prabhas’s action extravaganza (4400 shows). This advantage may stem from Dunki’s one-day head start, allowing it to max out screen availability. Whether this lead continues beyond day two remains to be seen.

Overseas Advance Booking: Prabhas Roars, Dunki Holds Its Ground

Across North America, the Middle East, UK/Ire, Europe, and Aus/NZ, Prabhas unleashes his international clout, amassing a whopping $2 million in advance bookings. Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki follows closely with a respectable $760K, suggesting strong potential for an extended weekend run.

Advance Booking India: SRK Leads, Prabhas in Hot Pursuit

On home ground, the competition heats up. While Dunki enjoys a 23% lead with over Rs 7 crore in opening day advance bookings, Prabhas nips at its heels with Rs 6 crore. Interestingly, Dunki’s Hindi version dominates, garnering over Rs 7 crore, compared to Salaar’s Hindi opening of around Rs 1.1 crore.

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