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Report: Bank Puts Sunny Deol’s Juhu Property Up for Sale as He Faces ₹55 Crore Dues Notice

Sunny Deol, whose new film Gadar 2 recently crossed the ₹300 crore mark at the domestic box office, has received a notice from the Bank of Baroda over unpaid dues amounting over ₹55 crore. The actor’s Juhu property has been put on sale for recovery of the unpaid dues. The notice, which was issued on August 19, states that Deol borrowed the money from the bank in 2016 to finance his film Ghayal Once Again. The interest on the loan has also accumulated to ₹9 crore.

Deol’s father, veteran actor Dharmendra, has also been named in the notice as he was a guarantor for the loan. It is unclear why Deol has not been able to repay the loan. However, the timing of the notice is unfortunate, as it comes just days after the release of Gadar 2, which has been a major box office success. The auction of Deol’s Juhu property is scheduled to take place on September 9. It remains to be seen whether Deol will be able to repay the loan and avoid the auction.

A newspaper advertisement has revealed that the Juhu property belonging to actor Sunny Deol will be auctioned on September 9. The notice, which was spotted by a news portal, also names Deol’s father, veteran actor Dharmendra, as a guarantor. The notice states that the property was mortgaged to the Bank of Baroda in 2016 to secure a loan of ₹55 crore. The loan amount has since accumulated interest of ₹9 crore, bringing the total dues to ₹64 crore.

The Deols have not yet commented on the notice. It is unclear whether they will be able to repay the loan and avoid the auction. The auction of Deol’s Juhu property is a setback for the actor, who has recently enjoyed a string of successes at the box office. His film Gadar 2, which released in June 2023, has grossed over ₹300 crore worldwide. The auction is also a reminder of the financial risks that celebrities face. Even successful actors can find themselves in debt if they are not careful with their finances.

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