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Sunny Deol Affirms Equal Love Between People of India and Pakistan, Denounces Political Games that Foster Hatred

As the trailer of the Sunny Deol starrer film called Gadar 2 hits the floor, we hear a lot in the B Town. the Leading man in the film has much to say. He was seen saying that the people of India and Pakistan want peace and love, but it is the political game that creates hatred between the two countries. Ironically, the statement comes from the actor who is the part of the Indian government alleged to play foul the most. Nevertheless, these are rhetorics, and the actor made these remarks at the trailer launch of his upcoming film, Gadar 2, which features him going to Pakistan to bring back his son. The trailer of the film was jingoistic, but Deol said that the people of both countries do not want to fight.

“There is love on both sides,” Deol said. “It is the political game that creates all this hatred.” Deol’s comments are a reminder that the people of India and Pakistan have more in common than they have differences. They share a common history, culture, and religion. They also share a desire for peace and prosperity.

It is time for the political leaders of India and Pakistan to put aside their differences and work together for the benefit of their people. They must find a way to resolve their disputes peacefully and build a future of cooperation and friendship. As said earlier, the fact of the matter is that Sunny Deol is a BJP MP could be mentioned, as this could give his comments more weight.

The jingoistic nature of the Gadar 2 trailer could be discussed in more detail, and how this contrasts with Deol’s off-screen comments about peace and love. The history of relations between India and Pakistan could be briefly mentioned, to provide context for Deol’s comments. The potential benefits of peace and cooperation between India and Pakistan could be discussed.

Check the trailer as under:

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