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What! Priyanka Chopra Did Not watch RRR Despite Hosting a Special Screening for it, Check reactions

Priyanka Chopra, a global icon now, however, we see her yet again at the center of controversy when she faced criticism for not watching the highly anticipated movie RRR, despite hosting a special screening for the film. Redditors, known for their outspoken opinions, accused Chopra of attending the event solely for the sake of publicity and not genuinely showing interest in the film itself.

The film RRR, directed by S.S. Rajamouli, has remained one of the most anticipated Indian movies of the year. Starring popular actors such as N. T. Rama Rao Jr., Ram Charan, and Alia Bhatt, the movie has generated immense buzz and excitement among fans and critics alike. As an influential figure in the entertainment industry, Priyanka Chopra was chosen to host a special screening of the film, which further raised expectations for her attendance.

She was speaking at a reality show wherein she had to pass through a lie detection test. When it was revealed that Chopra did not watch the film despite hosting the event, it sparked a wave of disappointment and backlash from the online community. Redditors, in particular, took to the platform to express their discontent, accusing the actress of using the screening as a mere publicity stunt.

Critics argued that Chopra’s actions were disrespectful to the filmmakers and the entire team behind RRR. They felt that her presence at the event should have been accompanied by a genuine interest in the film, as hosting a special screening is typically seen as an endorsement and support for the project. Redditors claimed that by not watching the movie, Chopra undermined the efforts of the cast and crew who had put their heart and soul into creating RRR.

Some users also pointed out that this incident was not the first time Chopra had faced allegations of using her fame for personal gain. They cited previous instances where she had been accused of prioritizing her own image and brand over the projects she was associated with. According to these Redditors, this latest incident with RRR was another example of Chopra leveraging her celebrity status without demonstrating a genuine interest in the content she promotes.

However, it is essential to consider that public figures often have busy schedules and commitments that may prevent them from personally watching every film they are associated with. While it is reasonable to expect genuine support from celebrities, it is also worth acknowledging that their involvement in promotional events can be a part of their professional responsibilities.

It is also important to remember that opinions on social media platforms like Reddit may not always represent the entire sentiment of the general public. While some individuals criticized Priyanka Chopra, others came to her defense, arguing that attending the special screening and promoting the film in itself was a significant contribution.

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