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Abhijeet Bhattacharya Addresses 17-Year Feud with Shah Rukh Khan: “Enough of the Drama, You Are and Always Will Be a Star”

Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya and Shah Rukh Khan have collaborated on numerous iconic songs that have left a lasting impact. Their partnership has been so strong that many assumed Abhijeet was the voice of SRK. With over 30 songs together, their collaboration was successful in most movies. However, after the release of Om Shanti Om in 2007, Abhijeet stopped providing vocal support for Shah Rukh Khan’s projects, leading to rumors of a fallout with the filmmakers. Seventeen years later, Abhijeet broke his silence and addressed the issue. Abhijeet Bhattacharya, who lent his voice to Shah Rukh Khan’s film Main Hoon Na, expressed his disappointment in not receiving credit for the songs. This has caused a rift between the two, as Abhijeet revealed in an interview with Pinkvilla. 
He further explained, “We both know what we are capable of. If I were to approach him today, as his senior by 6-7 years, I would say, ‘Enough of the drama, you are a star and always will be.’ But if I come back into the picture, it will be me, not him. Sometimes, it feels like he is the type of person who shows off… or maybe he just doesn’t have any time. But he isn’t like that. I know myself very well, and I know him very well too, even though we don’t have a close bond. He knows that I have been hurt. In a previous Facebook Live session in 2021, Abhijeet addressed a fan’s question about a reunion with Shah Rukh Khan. He clarified that he never had any issues with SRK and attributed their collaboration ending to a few music directors. Abhijeet said, “I am not Shah Rukh Khan’s voice.
When I perform abroad, people who don’t know that the songs are not sung by actors but by playback singers think that I sing like Shah Rukh Khan. They think SRK is a singer. I don’t know who created this rift between me and him. There were a few music directors who had the agenda of separating us. Some used to think, ‘If we get an SRK film someday, we won’t let Abhijeet playback for him.
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