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Adipurush’s Budget seems to go a whopping 700 Crore much higher than its stars roped in for the film

Adipurush, is making all the news for good or bad reasons. Thanks for being the highly anticipated epic drama directed by veterans filmmakers like Om Raut, has been making headlines not only for its grand scale but also for its staggering budget. With a reported budget of 700 crores, the film promises to be a visual extravaganza. Among the many interesting aspects, Prabhas, the lead actor, has grabbed attention for reportedly taking home a salary of 150 crores. This figure is 50 times higher than what co-star Kriti Sanon is said to receive and 12.5 times more than Saif Ali Khan, who plays a pivotal role in the film. Let’s delve deeper into this significant salary disparity.

Prabhas’ Stature and Popularity: Prabhas, who gained immense fame for his role in the Baahubali franchise, has cemented his position as one of the biggest stars in Indian cinema. His portrayal of larger-than-life characters, coupled with his charismatic screen presence, has earned him a massive fan following, not only in the Telugu film industry but also across the country. Prabhas’ popularity and box-office success have undoubtedly contributed to his ability to command a higher salary.

The Market Value Factor: In the entertainment industry, an artist’s salary is often determined by their market value and the demand they generate. Prabhas, with his nationwide appeal, has managed to create a niche for himself and draw audiences to theaters. His films, especially the Baahubali series, have been record-breaking successes, catapulting him to unprecedented heights. As a result, his market value has skyrocketed, enabling him to negotiate a higher remuneration for his work.

Comparing Salaries: The reported salary figures for Adipurush reveal a substantial disparity among the cast members. While Prabhas is rumored to be taking home a massive 150 crores, Kriti Sanon, who plays the female lead, is said to receive a significantly lower amount. This difference can be attributed to the varying levels of stardom and experience the two actors possess. Kriti Sanon, although talented, is relatively newer to the industry compared to Prabhas and has not yet achieved the same level of recognition.

Saif Ali Khan, a seasoned actor with a successful career spanning several decades, also finds himself earning a fraction of Prabhas’ salary. Although Saif Ali Khan brings his own star power and acting prowess to the table, it is evident that the massive budget and Prabhas’ immense popularity have played a significant role in determining the salary structure.

It is important to note that the remuneration for actors in the film industry is influenced by various factors, including their market standing, the scale of the project, and the overall budget. High-budget films often allocate a significant portion of their budget to ensure that top actors are adequately compensated for their contribution. In the case of Adipurush, the extensive visual effects, grand sets, and elaborate production design necessitate a substantial budget, which trickles down to the actors’ salaries.

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