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Ira Khan’s Wedding Reception: Rhea Chakraborty Surprised and Irritated as Paparazzi Mistakenly Identify Her Brother as a Boyfriend


Ira Khan, the daughter of Aamir Khan, recently tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend, Nupur Shikhare, in a joyous celebration. The couple’s families hosted a lavish reception, attended by numerous industry stalwarts, including Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Sushmita Sen, and Madhuri Dixit. However, one unexpected presence at the event was Rhea Chakraborty, which surprised many.

The Roadies judge made an appearance at the reception alongside her brother, Showik Chakraborty. However, an awkward incident occurred when Rhea was posing for photographs with her brother. A photographer exclaimed, “Nice jodi,” leaving the actress taken aback by the misinformed comment.

Despite the momentary surprise, Rhea regained her composure and continued posing, while other photographers corrected the one who made the mistake. They clarified that Rhea and Showik were siblings and not a couple. Rhea couldn’t help but make a sarcastic remark in response to the incident, saying, “It’s because of such people that rumors start later on.”

Interestingly, Rhea has been rumored to be dating entrepreneur Nikhil Kamath, India’s youngest billionaire and the founder of Zerodha. However, her presence at Ira Khan’s reception party sparked mixed reactions from netizens. While some expressed disbelief at her invitation, others criticized her based on her involvement in the controversies surrounding the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput and drug allegations.

Amidst the online comments, some users appreciated Rhea’s befitting reply to the photographers. The incident was captured in a video shared by the Instagram handle Instant Bollywood, which quickly went viral.

For those unaware, Rhea and Showik Chakraborty faced accusations and legal troubles following Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise. The siblings were embroiled in controversies and arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau for alleged involvement in drug-related activities. They endured a difficult period and spent time in jail before emerging stronger and rebuilding their lives with renewed hope. The industry also provided them with significant support during their challenging times.



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