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Jawan Trailer: Online Speculation Connects Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Baap Se Baat Kar’ Line to Aryan Khan-Sameer Wankhede Case

Shah Rukh Khan’s recent films, Pathaan and Jawan, have both been full of meta references. In Pathaan, Khan’s character made several references to his patriotism and his religious identity as a Muslim. In the trailer for Jawan, Khan’s character makes a reference to his 2022 arrest in connection with a drug case. The dialogue in question comes when Khan’s character is asked why he is fighting for the country. He responds by saying, “Why shouldn’t I? I am a Hindustani.” This line has been interpreted by some as a reference to Khan’s arrest in 2022. 

At the time, some people accused Khan of being a drug smuggler because of his religious identity. Khan’s response in the Jawan trailer is seen by some as a way of asserting his patriotism and his Indian identity. It is important to note that the dialogue in question could also be interpreted in other ways. For example, it could simply be a reference to Khan’s character’s commitment to fighting for justice. However, given the timing of the Jawan trailer and Khan’s recent arrest, it is likely that the dialogue will be interpreted by many as a meta reference to Khan’s own experience.

As per reports, the story of the film is expected to move around a father-son relationship, with King Khan playing dual roles. In the trailer, the SRK playing father says, talk to the father before you touch my son. This has certainly drawn parallels in SRK’s son Aryan drugs case wherein he was behind the bar for more than a month. The investigations went to find out nothing and later the court has given him the clean chit, while Sameer Wankhede the officer incharge claimed that he was given a bribe offer to release his son. This certainly witnessed the reactions on X wherein the fans claimed that the dialogue of SRK is meant to address the man behind the arrest of his son. 

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