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Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway Review: A Captivating Story of a struggling mother in foreign land with incredible performance

Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway Review
Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway Review

Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway Review:

  • Movie – Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway
  • Director- Ashima Chibber
  • Writer – Sameer Satija, Ashima Chibber, Rahul Handa
  • Producer – Monisha Advani, Madhu Bhojwani and Nikkhil Advani
  • Starcast- Rani Mukerji, Anirban Bhattacharya, Neena Gupta and Jim Sarbh
  • Cinematography –  Alvar Kõue
  • Editor – Namrata Rao
  • Music –  Amit Trivedi
  • Production companies – Emmay Entertainment and Zee Studios
  • Distributor – Zee Studios
  • Running time 144 minutes
  • Ratings – 3.5 

Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway Review:

“Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway” is a gripping and emotionally charged film that tells the story of a mother’s fight to get her child back from the Norwegian government. Directed by Ashima Chibber, the movie is based on a real-life incident where an Indian couple in Norway was fighting for their child’s custody.

Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway Plot 

The film revolves around Anjali Chatterjee, played by the versatile and talented Rani Mukerji, who is an NRI mother living in Norway with her husband and son. When her son is taken away from her by the Norwegian authorities on charges of abuse, Anjali sets out on a long and arduous journey to get her child back to India. It talks about how the foster department in countries like the west remain a farce against the unconditional love and care of a real mother.

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Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway Critics Review:

The film is a heart-wrenching portrayal of a mother’s love and her fight against all odds to protect her child. Rani Mukerji’s performance is outstanding, and she manages to capture the essence of her character with ease. Her portrayal of a mother’s desperation, helplessness, and determination is powerful and emotional, leaving the audience with tears in their eyes.

The film also touches upon the cultural differences between India and Norway, highlighting the challenges faced by NRI parents in raising their children in a foreign land. The director has done an excellent job in bringing out the emotions and struggles of the characters, making the movie a must-watch for anyone who loves powerful storytelling.

The supporting cast, including Balaji Gauri, who plays the lawyer fighting the case for Mrs. Chatterjee, and Anirban Bhattacharya, who plays her husband, have also delivered commendable performances. The cinematography and background score of the film add to the overall impact of the movie, making it a memorable experience for the audience. The other elements like direction, editing, script and music seemed too gripping to miss the film.

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Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway – The Last Word 

With all said and done, “Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway” is a brilliant film that sheds light on a significant issue faced by NRI parents in foreign lands along with showcasing how the entire foster-child system is flawed and compromised. The film’s powerful storyline, exceptional performances, and emotional impact make it a must-watch for anyone who loves good cinema. It’s a movie that will stay with you long after the credits roll, and one that deserves all the praise it has been receiving.

Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway Trailer:



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