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On Dilip Kumar’s Death Anniversary, Saira Banu Shares He Suffered From “Severe Insomnia”

Saira Banu, the beloved former actress, never misses an opportunity to celebrate the memory of her late husband, the legendary actor Dilip Kumar. On Sunday, she took to Instagram to share a heartfelt note and a series of pictures, showcasing her enduring love for Dilip Kumar, whom she fondly referred to as “Sahib. “The first frame features Saira Banu’s letter to the love of her life, in which she writes, “Dearest Yousuf Jaan, No matter what, we will still walk together hand in hand, one in our thoughts and being until the end of time.
My days stretch on like an eternity, with each moment a cherished memory of our togetherness. Often, I reflect on the love and life we shared, as it continues to complete us. For love, my dear ‘Sahib,’ consumes all that remains of a being. I am grateful to Allah for the fortune of belonging to you in this life, and with His mercy, Insha Allah, I shall belong to you and you alone forever and ever. Love, Saira Banu Khan.” It’s worth noting that Dilip Kumar’s real name was Muhammed Yusuf Khan.
On one evening, despite being successful in his getaway, he found himself unable to sleep without Saira by his side. So, he penned a note asking, “Feeling sleepy, what do you suggest, Aunty? …Yours 100%.”Saira Banu concludes her caption by emphasizing Dilip Kumar’s fun-loving nature, always calling her “Aunty” and making her laugh. Beneath the jests, laughter, and heartfelt notes, there was pure love. Dilip Sahib will forever hold a special place in her heart.
She prays that Allah continues to shower His love and blessings upon him.The heartfelt post received warm reactions from celebrities such as Zeeman Aman, who shared a red heart, Richa Chadha, who dropped two red heart emojis, and Manisha Koirala, who expressed, “You are loved, ma’am.”Saira Banu’s note is a heartfelt tribute to her late husband, Dilip Kumar, and a testament to the enduring love they shared. Their beautiful bond continues to inspire and touch the hearts of many.



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