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Jawan Box Office: SRK’s Dominance in West Bengal Results in Gadar 2 Losing 100 Shows with only 22 shows


Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan has had a phenomenal opening at the box office, and its impact is being felt by other films, including Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2. Jawan, which opened to rave reviews, has taken the box office by storm. The film has grossed over ₹75 crore in its opening weekend, making it one of the biggest openers of the year. This has had a significant impact on Gadar 2, which was previously enjoying a successful run at the box office.

According to reports, the number of shows for Gadar 2 has been reduced in many theaters since the release of Jawan. This is because many viewers are now opting to watch Jawan instead. As a result, Gadar 2’s box office collections have started to decline. It is still too early to say how much of an impact Jawan will have on Gadar 2’s overall box office performance. However, it is clear that the two films are competing for the same audience. Only time will tell which film will emerge victorious.

The number of shows for Gadar 2 has been reduced to just 22 in West Bengal, and only 6 shows are available in Kolkata. This is a significant decline from the film’s initial release, when it was playing in over 300 theaters in the state.

The reason for this decline is the overwhelming response to Jawan. The film has been a huge hit at the box office, and it is currently the most-watched film in West Bengal. As a result, many theaters have decided to dedicate more shows to Jawan, which has squeezed out Gadar 2. This is a setback for Gadar 2, which was expected to be a major box office success. However, the film is still doing well in other parts of the country. It is currently the second-highest-grossing film of the year, after Jawan. It remains to be seen how Gadar 2 will fare in the long run. However, the early signs are not good. The film’s box office performance in West Bengal is a major concern, and it could have a significant impact on its overall earnings.



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